Triple Threat Texas Band
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Triple Threat Texas is a group of award winning Musicians, Singers and Entertainers who team up
when not performing with their own Bands. The group performs a high energy , fun type concert
of Classic Rock & Rock, Pop, Blues and County Music along with some of the Top Forty songs of
today.This group performs each show with songs that fit the crowd. The Group is great for an
opening act, Private and Corporate Events ,Concerts, Fairs and Music Festivals, but their
versatility allows them to also perform great dance music if required. This Vegus type show adds
comedy, fun type dress attire, with audience appeal, without blowing a Venues budget. The Group
uses special prerecorded sound tracks for the Bassist , with live vocals, Guitar, Piano, and
Precussions . The group can also supply their own state of the art sound system to reduce
additional cost. The group consists of Rockin Rick, Myra Rolen and Daddy T.

For Booking Information: Contact Sonny Foster at Netex Productions
903 456 6943